Boots on the Ground

Teresa  volunteered her time and donated clothing for the New Horizon School project.

As a Human Resources Manager, I understand the importance of a solid education. Learning the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic are essential to live a successful life. For the children in the Munoz community, opportunities are very limited. 2nd Chance, International provides children with the key to the door of opportunity. The education they receive goes beyond the basics. The school teaches children not only how to live a clean, healthy life, but also practical skills like hair grooming for men and Microsoft Office. The children learn how to use a computer which is so critical in this technologically advanced world. When we help these children, we help an entire community. We give them the foundation they need to grow and thrive. Please join me in helping this community.

Susy donated clothing to students and community members

Bob donated a sewing machine for a sewing project planned for the school.
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