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2nd Chance, International - Supporting The New Horizon School

Welcome to 2nd Chance, International, a Registered Charitable Organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and communities through the power of education. Our first project is to operate The New Horizons School in Munoz, Dominican Republic.  

The New Horizons School was founded in 2006. It operates ten months of the year - September to June, with computer classes for adults running year-round. It is housed in a small, five-room building and serves eighty school-aged children from kindergarten to high-school. Classes are held in two separate sessions - mornings and afternoons in order to accommodate all the children.                                                                

The school is open to students living in the Haitian immigrant community in Munoz who may not have access to publicly run schools, either because of their immigration status or their financial circumstances. Classes are taught in the Haitian-French language familiar to these communities. Education is provided free of cost.

The New Horizons School offers classes to school age children in Mathematics, Languages (French, Spanish and English), Social Studies and Geography. In September of 2012, the school began a trade program in three areas: photography, hair grooming for men, and Microsoft Office. The goal is to teach students a skill that can help them to become self-supportive members of their community. These trades are being taught by current teachers, and volunteers who work in the stated professions. Supplies for the courses were donated by corporate and individual sponsors.

Teacher Mentoring

The teachers at the New Horizons School are dedicated to the success of their students. 2nd Chance, International recognizes, however, that teachers, too, need support in their educational efforts. Therefore beginning in March 2013 we will be implementing a teacher's mentoring and professional development program.

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