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 A lot has happened at the New Horizon School since the beginning of the new school year

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The end of a busy calendar year - The Holidays are well deserved

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Photography Workshop

Aug 6-13, 2013, the New Horizon School hosted a photography workshop to teach students the art and skill of photography. The effort was led by a team of photographers and photo enthusiasts. Students were given cameras and asked to capture images in their community covering four areas: The things they value; The things they want to change; The things they want to show the world; and The importance of education to them. Students were taught to critically analyze their world to express their thoughts through the lens of a camera. They told their stories and highlighted their families, friends, and communities. With little instruction the children's photos were amazing, capturing the vibrant life of Munoz and its despair through the eyes of its most innocent.  The work was exhibited in the community on the last day, and each child received a portfolio of their work. Cameras were left at the school for future use.
The children's images are now part of a travelling exhibit for 2nd Chance, International.

Professional Learning Community

March 13-20, 2013 will mark a special week in the life of The New Horizon School and in the Munoz community. Dr. Kathryn Noel, a Professor of Education from the University of Western Ontario, is donating her March break to launch a Professional Development program for teachers.This program is designed to increase the teaching skills of the teachers within the community.The program, titled "A Professional Learning Community," will provide tools and resources for ongoing professional development. We believe that this training will enhance student education, so we are excited and thankful that Dr. Noel has agreed to sponsor this important project.  
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