About Us

2nd Chance, International is a Registered Charitable Organization founded in 2010. It seeks to provide education to children and adults living in communities where access to education is restricted, whether because of socioeconomic conditions, language, or societal barriers. Its mission is to use education to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to help Haitians in the impoverished Bateyes Region of the Dominican Republic become self-supportive members of their community. 2nd Chance, International began its work in the Dominican Republic with a small school in Sosua Abajo, where approximately 35 children were crammed into a space no bigger than a double car garage. The school lacked basic supplies like textbooks and blackboards, and did not have adequate space to accommodate these students. The school in Sousa Abajo was one of four schools, all struggling to survive. Resources were not available to sponsor them all, so 2nd Chance, International decided to focus its work on a school in Munoz, Dominican Republic, called The New Horizon School. Since 2nd Chance, International's involvement, the school has expanded to accommodate 62 students. 
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