Welcome to 
2nd Chance International

Welcome to 2nd Chance International

We are a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and communities through the power of education.

2nd Chance International

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide education to children and adults living in communities where access to education is restricted, whether because of socioeconomic conditions, language, or societal barriers. 

The New Horizon School


The New Horizon School in Muñoz, Dominican Republic was founded in 2006. The school serves children in the Muñoz community, ages 3 and up, who would not otherwise have access to education.

The Community


We serve the socio-economically impoverished Muñoz community in Dominican Republic. In this area, there is a limited water supply, sanitary health measures, and job opportunities for the individuals living there.  Life is especially difficult for the Haitian population as the unemployment rate is higher than average.  

How You Can Help


All of the services provided by The New Horizon School are funded by the generosity of our donors around the world. To be a supporter of our mission, please make a donation to 2nd Chance International

The New Horizon School

Your generous donations since the inception of the New Horizon School has allowed us to grow and make a significant difference in the Muñoz community. We are in our third location, with each location providing more educational space and an environment more conducive to learning than the last.

The New Horizon School

Our First Location

We started in a one room building with no sanitary facilities, no educational materials, or nutritional program. Classes for the twenty-five students at the time were held for only half-days. Financial resources were extremely limited.


From this humble beginning we moved to a new location which allowed us to expand to four classrooms. At this facility we were not only able to expand our educational program but were able to start a nutritional breakfast program which was later expanded to include a lunch program as well.  These nutritional programs made a significant difference to student’s ability to learn. Several studies have shown a direct link between nutrition and the improvement of the mental capacity of students.   


We moved into our current location in January 2017. Our new location is an eight-room building with a kitchen, a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and a chicken coop. The additional space allows us to add junior kindergarten and a playground for the younger children. This space makes it possible to provide more tailored services to the 60+ children registered. All of this is made possible by donors like you.