Our Volunteers



Joanne has been an invaluable asset to the organization, supporting 2nd Chance International by assisting in  communications, editing newsletters and interfacing with our community and our donors. Joanne is a retired High School teacher with a passion for education.



As an experienced High School teacher at Crawford Adventist Academy, Arlene  is a member of the Education Development team at The New Horizon School. She has been volunteering with our students and teachers for the past eight years and provides valuable support to the teachers of The New Horizon School to ensure the children are gaining the necessary skills to thrive in the community once they leave our school.



Darlene is our trusted Accountant who keeps an accurate record of our financial activities. Charities, like 2nd Chance International,  depend on donations to carry out their mission, but they also depend on a network of volunteers to enable the donations to go further.  Darlene's dedicated service ensures that every donation helps the children in the Munoz community gain a solid education.



2nd Chance is grateful to call on the help of various experts who help with the ins and outs of running a charitable organization including accounting, website help, and support with school operations.

Volunteer Teachers


We happily host volunteer groups from different disciplines to train our staff on various teaching techniques and skills to help our students.

This Space is for You


Come and be a part of our story -- from financial support, to time and expertise -- we'd love to have you on our team. Please reach out using our contact form and let us know how you would like to volunteer.